TC7700 Series Overhead Concealed Closer

The TC7700 or “Stout” replaces the original “Kawneer Husky” concealed overhead closer model. This new version features a two-speed closing control to prevent the door from slamming against the stop on single-acting applications. It also prevents over-swing on double-acting applications. The TC7700 is an ideal choice for schools, office buildings, hospitals, department stores and any other facilities that demand reliability for interior and exterior doors.

Closing Speed Adjustment Tip: Through the first 80 degrees of closing cycle, the door should be kept at a moderate speed to prevent “heel bumping” as someone enters through an out-swing door. Additional adjusting information on closing speed and latching speed can be found on the instruction sheet that comes packaged with the TC7700.

Overhead Concealed Closers are sold as BODY ONLY

Please Specify: Sold as Components

  • Body – Arm assembly – Track – Pivot

  • Spring Tension: LT, MED, HD

  • Swing: 90 degree or 105 degree

  • Hold open or non-hold open

Replacement Parts:
KTA – Top arm assembly
S2-ARM – Offset arm
S2 Track – Channel for offset arm
TH1119-BCP – Bottom center pivot