TC200 Series Standard Streamline Closer

The TC200 is recommended for use on all aluminum store front doors, wood or hollow metal commercial applications. It is a versatile utility closer that provides narrow styling and has a full selection of accessories to accomodate the requirement of any field installation.

In this series, our TC201 is a multi-size spring model that offers adjustable power with a choice of range sizes 2-5 where high rates of closing force are required. Our TC201ADA model also offers adjustable spring power sizes 1-4 for use on interior doors requireing less than 5 lbs. of opening force and exterior doors requiring less than 8.5 lbs. This complies with ADA handicap codes and ANSI/BHMA standard requirements. Both models will retrofit most full size closers with a 9 1/16″ industry standard hole patten to update any opening for code compliance.

Also available in sizes 2, 3, & 4.

Options: Specify when ordering:

  • Backcheck – BC

  • Parellel mount – PA

  • Hold open – HO

  • Finish – AL, DU

Note – For hold open parallel arm mount – must order HOPAB-1245


  • Grade 1 certified, ANSI/BHMA A156.4

  • UL Listed #R7483 (mfg. DC200) compliant UL10C for positive pressure

  • Aluminum alloy body

  • Non-handed – reversible

  • Spring size closers 2, 3, 4

  • Multi-size closers 1- 4 & 3- 6

  • TC201ADA conforms to handicap code requirements

  • Two independent valves control sweep and latch closing speeds – backcheck optional

  • Packed standard for regular & top jamb mounting

  • Supplied with both wood and machine screws

  • Finish: AL- Aluminum, DU- Duronotic