TC7000 Series Overhead Concealed Closer

For those who prefer the visual advantages of a concealed door closer, the TC7000 compact design offers an excellent “hidden” solution. Center-pivoted for single and double acting doors. This model is recommend for installation in aluminum door and frame applications. It features multiple spring tension models available to match any door size and weight. Consistent closure speed is assured every time with its temperature-sensitive hydraulic fluid.  UL Listed #R7483 (mfg. 800 Series)

Overhead Concealed Closers are sold as BODY ONLY

Please Specify: Sold as Components


Spring tension – ADJ, LT, MED, HD

 Swing – 90 degree or 105 degree

 Hold open or non-hold open

  • Arm Type: SLA, ELA, KRM, Offset

  • Pivot Set: OHC, AE, GE, G